Case Studies

One of the great assets of Geolist© is that it is flexible

Geolist can be used to super-power direct mail marketing processes by commercial organisations in an unlimited variety of industries and business sectors. For a better idea of how adaptable Geolist can be, have a look at some of our case studies below:

Gatwick Airport - Consultation

With Geolist, you can clearly specify exact areas where the targets of a communication can be found. Gatwick Airport used the Geolist tool to select all households in two postcode areas.

The Project: Mailing to inform local residents of a twelve-week public consultation about the airport’s plans for the ongoing growth and development of the site. A booklet included let residents know that the airport would be holding 5 public consultations. The consultations were in different areas and at different times of the day to make the events easier for residents to attend.

Vattenfall In Norfolk – Wind Farm

When it comes to proposed development plans, residents, businesses and landowners need to be consulted and kept in-the-know. If relationships aren’t handled well there could be a delay to the project resulting in financial loss, or the project might not be approved at all.

The Project: Mailing sent to 30,000 residents in Norfolk. Contents: A letter plus 4-page leaflet to keep residents up to date with the latest developments for Norfolk’s offshore wind farm project. The leaflet contained maps, pictures of what the development would look like, a timeline and the positive effects for the local community. For example, conferences about how the wind farm would benefit the area along with food festivals held by the company proposing the wind farm.

Hayes - Invitation

All types of mail can be sent out using Geolist.

The Project: For this project a simple A5 postcard was sent out to residents in Southall about plans for a new recycling centre in Hayes. On one side of the postcard was an image of the proposed centre and how it would look amongst the other buildings surrounding it. On the other side was an invitation to come and meet the operator to hear about the plans. The postcard was mailed to 1,100 residents.

Rackheath - Proposals for Land

The Project: A3 newsletter mailed out to residents of Rackheath regarding plans to build 200 new homes with large amounts of woodland, heath land and play areas. The leaflet sent out detailed a map of the plan, along with all public transport links and parking around the new area. It also outlined the plans for when the job would be started and finished as well as a summary of the impacts relating to the proposal.

Suez – Bin Collection Changes

The Project: Mailing sent out to 100,000 residents of Doncaster over a four-week period. A letter from the local council informed residents that they would be receiving a brand-new blue recycling bin. The letter advised when their new bin would be dropped off, when they could start using the new bin, and what they should do with the old bin. Full contact details for residents to get in touch with concerns or questions were provided.

National Grid - Desludging

Geolist will accurately highlight very specific geographical areas and properties by number of households and businesses. National Grid used this method to communicate gasholder desludging activities in the Salford area.

The Project: Using Geolist, National Grid was able to accurately identify the locations that would be affected: 814 properties. The letter that was sent out to these properties gave a timeline of each stage, from cleaning the gas tanks to dismantling them piece by piece. The letter reassured residents and businesses about what to do if they smelt gas as well as providing plenty of ways to get in touch with any questions, queries or concerns.

Bromley High Street - Development

The Project: From Geolist 1,610 residents were identified as potentially being affected by plans to develop on the corner of Bromley High Street. The plans were to build a 20-storey building with retail and residential space, including parking. To do this, existing buildings needed to be demolished. The leaflet mailed out informed the residents of two public exhibitions to ask questions and to view the plans in more detail. The mailing also included alternative ways to get in touch.

National Grid – Powerline Maintenance

With the Geolist drawing tool, data selections can be specific or broad. From a named street to a large radius, there is no limit to the number of places that can be selected.

The Project: Geolist located 2,600 affected residents to mail about powerline refurbishment between Coleshill and Bedworth. This project covered 20km (12.5 miles) with 60 pylons. The mailing let residents know that noisy activities would be restricted to normal working hours, that there would be road and footpath closures and tree and vegetation cutting and clearance. The letter also explained that the project would be expected to last 6 months and that disturbance would be minimised. Residents were encouraged to visit a website, email, or call the Community Relations Team.


One of the greatest features of Geolist is targeting customised geographical areas. It can also target individual wards. So for the MP or prospective parliamentary candidate who is considering mailing constituents at the beginning of a political campaign, the Geolist web based tool is both cost effective and informative. Simply highlight the areas you wish to concentrate on, upload the artwork for your political campaign and Geolist will publish and deliver. Job done!

Your Story

The case studies listed above just give a taste of how the exclusive features of Geolist can be adapted easily to many geographical data marketing roles - we have only touched the surface of its real potential. Matched with your imagination and marketing expertise - we know - once you start exploring its startlingly fresh features you will find it indispensable. We love to hear about how customers have benefitted from Geolist. Why not send us your own case study summarising how Geolist has helped you?

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